V Cutting Machine

V Cutting Machine

Category: V-Cut Machine

Hydraulic System
Servo Motors
Ballscrew and Linear Guide

V cutting machines use specialized tools, such as V-cutters or V-shaped blades, to create grooves in materials. These grooves can be straight or curved, and the depth and angle of the V-cut can often be adjusted to achieve the desired result. In metal fabrication, V cutting machines can be used for creating grooves, chamfers, or decorative elements on metal sheets or parts.

APM V Cutting Machine is built by good quality A3 steel. The stress of steel is eliminated by sonic vibration. This helps to keep the machine precision well. Our machine is equipped with Japan Mitsubishi controller, servo motor and ballscrew in order to keep high accuracy and efficiency. All the 3 axes (X, Y and Z axis) are using ballscrew and linear guide to achieve high precision. The hydraulic system for clamping and holding down material is very easy and reliable. This is to make sure the material is firmly held and achieve good machining quality.

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