Hydraulic Steel Worker / Iron Worker

Hydraulic Steel Worker / Iron Worker

7.5 kW
Foot Pedal
Double Steps
Hydraulic hold down on shearing station

A  hydraulic ironworker machine is a versatile and powerful industrial tool used in metalworking and fabrication processes. It's designed to perform a variety of metalworking operations, making it a popular choice in workshops, factories, and construction sites where metal fabrication is a common task.
  1. Punching: The machine can punch holes of various sizes and shapes in metal sheets, plates, and other materials. It uses a hydraulic ram and a punch and die set to create holes.

  2. Shearing: Hydraulic ironworkers can cut through metal sheets and plates with ease. They have a shear station equipped with blades that can cut flat bars, angle iron, round bars, and other metal profiles.

  3. Notching: This function allows for creating notches in metal pieces, which is often necessary for fitting and joining different parts together.

  4. Bending (Optional): Some hydraulic ironworkers come with a bending station, where metal sheets can be bent into various shapes and angles.

  5. Bar Cutting: Hydraulic ironworkers can also be used to cut round bars, square bars, and other metal bars to specific lengths.

  6. Angle Cutting: The machine can cut angles in metal pieces, creating various angular cuts as needed.

  7. Channel and I-Beam Cutting: For structural metalwork, ironworkers can cut channels and I-beams to specific lengths or angles.

  8. V-Notching: This function is used to create V-shaped notches in metal pieces, often for joints or structural connections.

- APM steel worker / iron worker comes with hydraulic hold down on shearing station.
- The machine is coming with 2 cylinders which can be operated by 2 operators at the same time.

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